casa morana tomatoes

a family of farmers for generations

Casa Morana is located in eastern Sicily, precisely in the magnificent territory of Scicli known for its beautiful landscapes and the beauty of the eccentric Baroque architecture, in a particularly mild and welcoming place, close to the sea and constantly kissed by the sun. For generations in the Morana family we have been dealing with the production of vegetables and in particular tomatoes, first on an open field and today in a greenhouse. We have always tried to improve ourselves in the cultivation methods and therefore we use the most innovative techniques and the best technologies. For our tomato crops we have chosen to adopt the soilless method by combining it with a state-of-the-art fertigation system, which allows us to measure and dose water consumption to the actual needs of the plant. We also use the good practice of integrated pest management to defend crops from harmful diseases and insects, thus obtaining a quality product that is surely genuine and safe … as our fathers have always taught us!

Our GLOBALGAP certified tomato production and ISO 22000 certification guarantee organoleptic qualities and food safety “from field to table”, on the basis of fundamental control elements recognized internationally by all operators in the sector.


We specialize in the packaging of fruit and vegetables. To satisfy the needs of our customers we use different types of packaging.


We ship our tomato all over the world.

Sicilian tomatoes

the varieties

Cherry tomato

Datterino tomato

yellow Cherry tomato

Ribbed tomato

Mini plum tomato

orange Datterino tomato

Tomato along San Marzano

Camoncino tomato

Round Cluster Tomato



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