“The Flavors of Sicilian Tradition, from our fathers to your children, to rediscover the culture of the area through the taste and methods of craftsmanship, with good products like those of the past, genuine as love for our land.”

Famiglia Morana

the flavors of the Sicilian tradition

casa morana

The Morana family business is located in eastern Sicily, precisely in the magnificent territory of Scicli known for its beautiful landscapes and the beauty of the eccentric Baroque architecture, in a particularly mild and welcoming place, close to the sea and constantly kissed by the sun. Casa Morana, was born with the intention of delighting lovers of cooking with the best tomato preserves, obtained with the use of high quality raw materials and craftsmanship which, also through the rediscovery of recipes and typical processing methods of the culture of the territory, proposes in a genuine and healthy way the flavors from the Sicilian tradition, combining them with the idea of an innovative company and constantly devoted to quality ..

… as well as our grandparents
every year during the summer,
they worked to preserve
the best of their production.

from the field to the table, a controlled product in every step

From the production of the tomato to the subsequent transformation phase, in our preserves, we make sure that the raw material is altered as little as possible. The tomato that is grown in our greenhouses is already a sweet and palatable product on the plant. As soon as it is harvested, it is brought to our transformation laboratory, where it is transformed and preserved in an artisanal way, without the addition of additives or preservatives, for a qualitatively superior and certainly genuine product.

We want our products
tell the story, the culture, the flavors
and the scents of our territory.

The transformation process is artisanal and retraces the techniques of the cultural tradition, moreover our products, some also innovative with respect to the traditional flavors of tradition, have always been in continuous evolution, through constant comparison with the consumers with whom we are in contact and star chefs, with whom we collaborate..we are looking for a product that is always better!



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